Equalize - World AIDS Day 2022

The inequalities which perpetuate the AIDS pandemic are not inevitable; we can tackle them. This World AIDS Day, 1 December, UNAIDS is urging each of us to address the inequalities which are holding back progress in ending AIDS.  Please find more information in the new World AIDS Day Report 2022 and in our HIV TOOLBOX

Cholera Outbreaks worldwide

According to WHO, after years of decline, the cases of Cholera are increasing worldwide.  From January to September 2022, 26 countries have reported cholera outbreaks. Syria, Malawi, and Haiti are currently experiencing particularly severe epidemics. More information on  important clinical guidelines, outbreak prevention & control measures, training material, you can find in our CHOLERA TOOLBOX and in our latest Issue Brief 25: Cholera Arabic Information , Issue Brief 26 Cholera Englisch Information, and Issue Brief 27: Choléra information en français et creole.

Planetary Health Toolbox

"Planetary Health " works in an interdisciplinary way and deals with the interrelationships of human health, the economic and social system, and the natural habitat of our planet. The Planetary Health Toolbox includes topics such as One Health, Climate change, biodiversity, and impact on health. We have published an Issue Brief on "Climate Change & Heath" to raise awareness about heat waves as a result of climate change and its impact on health. Be curious and take a look at our introduction video and into the toolbox.


Planetary Health Basics

Liebau, L. The MEDBOX Team  (2022)

Caregiver: Standard precautions

Henninger, B.; and S. Mauder The MEDBOX Team  (2022)

MEDBOX Video Series

The MEDBOX team has produced a new video clip series to virtually explain "The idea behind MEDBOX" as well as the different possibilities of use. Video 2 "How to search a document" deals with searching specific documents, video 3  MEDBOX Features explains how to register, how to use MY MEDBOX and MY NEWS and video 4 TOOLBOXES gives you a brief overview about our available Toolboxes. You find these video clips here in MEDBOX and on YouTube!

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