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Open WHO; World Health Organization WHO (2021)   C_WHO

The objective of this course is to provide high-level information and contextual understanding of WHO Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Emergencies. We will explore a range of topics, ranging from the Emergency Response Framework (ERF), to planning, grants and finance, procurement, risk management, rosters and deployment, and ethics. Each module within this course is standalone. Therefore, you can take the modules in any order – with the exception of the Course Review. The Course Review is a question-based revision module that recaps the content covered in modules 1 to 10. The target audience for this course is personnel who will be assigned by WHO to go on deployment in response to health emergencies. The course is available in English and French

SOP,  Online Courses,  emergencies,  Community based disaster risk management (CBDRM),  Emergency response operations,