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Sarah Andersson; Beverley Snell (2019)   C2

2nd edition. A Guide to Managing Medicines for All Health Workers. Available for purchase via following link Where there are no trained pharmacists serving communities, other categories of health workers are called upon to order, buy, store, dispense and advise people on rational use of medicines. Where There Are No Pharmacists explains how to order them, store them, prepare them, dispense them and use them safely and effectively - it is about managing medicines. Information to help communities benefit from the use of medicines is also included. This book walks readers through each step, covering topics ranging from policy issues to patient education. It provides guidance for anyone who is doing the work of a pharmacist; anyone who sells, dispenses, prepares, manages, or explains to others how to use medicines.

Pharmaceuticals,  Procurement,  Storage,  pharmaceutical procurement,  Dispensing,  Supply,  Supply Chain,  communication,  rational use of medicine,  community health,  capacity building,