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Kann, S.; Dib, J.; Aristizabal, A.; et al. (2022)   CC

Microorganisms . 2022 Jul 14;10(7):1427. Chagas disease (CD) is endemic in about 21 countries of the Americas. The disease has spread to recently Chagas-free regions, mainly due to migration, and can now also be diagnosed in countries such as the USA, Canada, many European and some African, eastern Mediterranean and western Pacific countries. About 6 million people are infected and 70 million live with a daily risk of infection. Although many efforts have been made to control the disease, and some improvements were achieved, still, less than about 1% of the infected have access to diagnosis and treatment. This causes high morbidity and mortality rates with more than 12,000 deaths per year

Chagas,  rapid,  serology,  PCR,  colombia,  indigenous people,  prevalence,  prevention and control,