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United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) (2003)   C2

This document is designed to provide UNICEF staff and UNICEF partner staff with principles and concepts that can assist them to respond to the psychosocial needs of children in natural disasters and social emergencies such as armed conflict and other forms of violence. It aims to introduce humanitarian workers to psychosocial principles and UNICEF’s position on these principles. It also provides a number of examples from field work of how these principles have been turned into concrete actions. These psychosocial principles and concepts inform both emergency responses and subsequent programmatic responses post-emergency.

Social Emergencies,  Natural Disasters,  trauma,  psychosocial well-being,  Stages in Child Growth and Development,  Child Development & Cultural Variations,  Gender Differences,  The Role of Family and Primary Caregivers,  children,  PTSD,  PTSD symptoms,  PTSD in children,  treatment of PTSD,