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Daalen, K.R. van; M. Romanello, J. Rocklöv, et al. (2022)   C1

Lancet Public Health 2022 Published Online October 25, 2022 Executive summary In the past few decades, major public health advances have happened in Europe, with drastic decreases in premature mortality and a life expectancy increase of almost 9 years since 1980. European countries have some of the best health-care systems in the world. However,Europe is challenged with unprecedented and overlapping crises that are detrimental to human health and livelihoods and threaten adaptive capacity, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the fastest-growing migrant crisis since World War 2, population displacement, environmental degradation, and deepening inequalities. Compared with pre-industrial times, the mean average European surface air temperature increase has been almost 1°C higher than the average global temperature increase, and 2022 was the hottest European summer on record.

Climate Change,  Impact,  health,  heat wave,  extreme weather,  children,  aged people,  Europe,