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International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (2017)   C1

The purpose of the survey is to identify the level of preparedness required by a health-care facility to be able to continue operating during, or following a conflict-related security event. <br> The survey method provides a measure of the security and preparedness of a given health facility in its specific context. Such a measure offers evidence-based guidance to assess whether urgent action needs to be taken and, if so, in what form. <br> Decision-makers can prioritize the most effective actions to mitigate specific risks and, eventually, will be able to rank the importance of needs faced by multiple facilities. <br> The survey covers three modules: the hazards affecting the facility, the current management procedures in place and the state of the physical infrastructure. Each of these modules is further divided into categories, and each category contains the questions – or indicators ‒ that cover the actual issues addressed in the survey. A detailed description of each indicator is provided in this manual.

hazards,  security management,  preparedness and response plan,  health care facilities,  infrastructure,  Guidelines,