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African Union; Africa CDC Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (2022)   CC

1.0 PURPOSE To define the procedure for the conduct of in-person meetings in both healthcare and community settings in response to COVID-19 and with respect to Public Health and Social Measures (PHSMs) to reduce the risk of disease transmission. A general risk assessment must be conducted to inform context specific recommendations. 2.0 SCOPE The procedure in this document is applicable to all meetings that require convening people together physically. 3.0 SAFETY AND HYGIENE PROCEDURE Before entry into the meeting room/venue: • Presentation of evidence for complete doses of COVID-19 vaccination (depending on COVID-19 vaccine taken) or negative COVID-19 PCR test done within the last 72 hours, or where applicable proof of daily negative RDT result. The Africa Union Trusted Travel platform, with technical support from the PanaBIOS Consortium has implemented an online system that allows Airlines and Port Health services to authenticate and verify traveler’s COVID-19 results certificates in line with international standards, across Africa and beyond. • Hand hygiene stations should be available at the points of entry. • All participants must wear a well fitted mask that covers the nose and mouth. Medical masks should be provided all meeting participants.

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