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A publication about girls escaping natural disasters and violent conflict in Eastern Africa<br> Children are on the move. In East Africa region, it is estimated that over 5 million children have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced in their own country.<br> Forcable displacement is pushing more and more children out of their homes and communities, escaping the violence of war and conflict, only to fall vulnerable to other forms of violence. Girls are particularly vulnerable and need extra protection.<br> Every day, girls on the move in East Africa face a variety of rights violations, including:<br> • Exploitation and violence<br> • Being separated from their families<br> • Deprivation of essential services <br> • Use and recruitment by armed groups <br> • Sexual abuse <br> • Child marriage<br> This report highlights concerns that girls in eastern Africa face and calls on international and national decision makers to prevent and end violence that children face when they are forced to flee their homes.

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