Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo Disease outbreak news: Update 24 October 2019

During the past 21 days (from 2 – 22 October), 50 confirmed cases were reported from eight active health zones in North Kivu and Ituri provinces (Figure 2, Table 1) with the majority reported in three health zones: Mandima (52%, n=26), Mambasa (12%, n=6), and Mabalako (10%, n=5). The major metropolitan area of Butembo city, comprising Katwa and Butembo health zones, which reported almost 1000 cases to date, recently cleared 21 days without newly detected cases. While this milestone highlights advances in the response, movement of cases to previously cleared health zones can quickly result in resurgence. An example of this was the detection of cases in Mabalako, all linked to Biakato Mines, after not reporting a confirmed case for 33 days. To mitigate the risk of onward transmission, ensuring community access and full operational readiness in cleared health zones and strategic at-risk communities is essential.