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As of 8 October, a total of 3207 EVD cases were reported, including 3093 confirmed and 114 probable cases, of which 2144 cases died (overall case fatality ratio 67%). Of the total confirmed and probable cases, 59% (n=1797) were female, 31% (n=909) were children aged less than 18 years, and 5% (n=162) were health workers. As of 4 October, 1000 people have survived EVD in this outbreak. Since November 2018, the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Biomedical Research laboratory, with support from WHO, have undertaken a programme to aid in the reintegration of survivors into the community. The programme provides to EVD survivors monthly clinical, biological and psychological follow-up for a year after their discharge from the treatment center. Currently there are three operational clinics located in Beni, Butembo and Mangina.

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