Ebola Emergency Response Library

Widernet@UNC (2014)
WiderNet@UNC and the WiderNet Project have established the Ebola Emergency Response Library initiative to create a pocket library for people, especially local health care workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, responding to the Ebola crisis in Africa. They are collecting high-quality digital resources for everyone from physicians and researchers to families, teachers, media outlets, social workers, and school children. While this collection is available on the World Wide Web for those who have Internet access, the resources can be distributed on micro chips for use in smartphones, tablets, and laptops in places that lack internet access. The chips can be freely copied so that the information spreads faster than the disease. The Internet version of the Ebola Pocket Library can be viewed at: http://www.widernet.org/portals/ebola The downloadable version can be found here: Download the Ebola Pocket Library