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Interim Guidance, 12 July 2021; This tool was developed to assess present and surge capacities for the treatment of COVID-19 in health facilities. It allows health facilities to assess the availability and status of stockout of critical COVID-19 medicines, equipment and supplies on site and to identify areas that need further attention to enable the facility to respond effectively to the pandemic. The tool encompasses key components that are essential to managing COVID-19 in a hospital setting, including: health workforce (numbers, absences, COVID-19 infections, staff vaccinated for COVID-19 health workforce management, training and support); medicines and medical supplies for management of COVID-19; IPC capacities (protocols, safety measures, guidelines) and the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff; diagnostic testing, imaging and patient monitoring devices and supplies medical equipment for management of COVID-19, including O2 administration; COVID-19 vaccine readiness ; beds and space capacity.

essential health services,  COVID-19,  health capacity,  assesment,  diagnostics,  Vaccines,  therapeutic,  hospital readiness,