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Open WHO; World Health Organization WHO (2022)   C_WHO

Health workers involved in deployment and implementation of COVID-19 vaccination require vaccine-specific knowledge to ensure safe and efficient vaccine delivery. This training provides key information about COVID-19 vaccines through short instructional videos, vaccine explainers, job aids, topic briefings, and downloadable presentations. It builds on the COVID-19 vaccination training for health workers and the Orientation to National Deployment and Vaccination Planning for COVID-19. Please note that further videos and resources concerning other vaccines will be added as they receive emergency use listing (EUL) or prequalification. Available in different languages

COVID-19,  vaccine,  health worker deployment,  safety,  Vaccine safety,  Pfizer- BioNTech Comirnaty Vaccine,  Covaxin,  Novavax,  Moderna,  vaccine candidates, 

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