Country Profile on Yellow Fever: Argentina

This country profile presents a summary and analysis of Argentina's status with yellow fever. It is part of a series of profiles on this topic, each focusing on a different country in the Region of the Americas. Argentina's geographical location presents a wide territorial extension throughout different latitudes, which determines a wide climatic variety, maintaining the conditions for the enzootic transmission of the yellow fever virus in jungle areas of the northeast of the country bordering Brazil and Paraguay. After controlling the major urban epidemics that hit the port city of Buenos Aires in the 20th century, Argentina maintains foci of enzootic activity in the northeast and isolated human cases for jungle acquisition. The increases in viral activity usually occur in a regional context of epizootics that affect southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay. Argentina has not presented autochthonous cases since 2008. Outbreaks have been sporadic with long intervals without evidence of viral activity.