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World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for South-East-Asia (2017)   C_WHO

The document contains a set of indicators that can be used for monitoring traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) systems in a country. The core indicator set consists of 16 indicators that were considered essential and collectively able to provide information on T&CM inputs, processes and outputs. A longer list of reference indicators is also available for countries that wish to monitor more indicators or that want to consider alternative metrics that would better suit each country’s T&CM situation, priorities and monitoring capacities. Each core and reference indicator is accompanied by a set of metadata. This provides information on the indicator rationale, definitions, data elements (numerator, denominator and data disaggregation), frequency of measurement, and data sources. It is a guide towards more standardized data measurement as well as data interpretation.

South-East Asia,  Traditional medicine,  complementary medicine,  traditional and complementary medicines (T&CM),  monitoring system,  Monitoring and Evaluation,