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Three Millennium Development Goal Fund (3MDG) (2017)   C1

Civil Society Organisations’ contribution towards community engagement to access and demand health services and encourage communities to practice appropriate health-seeking behaviour in Mon and Chin States<br> The following report is a study of 14 villages under the Collective Voices project (November 2015-December 2017) in the states of Mon and Chin. The objectives of the study were:<br> (1) to explore Village Health Committee (VHC) members, Basic Health Staff (BHS), and community members’ perceptions on community engagement in seeking and demanding health care and <br> (2) to describe health-seeking behaviours relating to Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health and hygiene practices among target beneficiaries.

Myanmar,  Mon State,  Chin state,  health-care seeking behaviour,  maternal and child health,  hygiene practices,  Village Health Team,  basic health staff (BHS),  community engagement,  Case Study,