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World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for South-East-Asia (2017)   C_WHO

Based on WHO South-East Asia Regional Strategy on Autism Spectrum Disorder<br> The collaborative framework for implementation of the “WHO South-East Asia Regional Strategy on Autism Spectrum Disorders” articulates to Member States: the nature of autism spectrum disorder and the issues faced by PwASD and their caregivers; the foundation on which the Regional Strategy and the collaborative framework is based; desired outcomes against each objective of the ASD Regional Strategy; recommended actions to fulfill each objective; requisite parameters that should govern the recommended actions; and suggested guidelines for monitoring, evaluating and reporting a Member State’s progress towards fulfilling the objectives. It encourages Member States to share best practices and information for promoting cooperation and partnerships for development of effective and sustainable programmes.

South-East Asia,  autism,  autism spectrum disorder (ASD),  health policy,  guide,