Clinical Practices of African Traditional Medicine

Paulo Peter Mhame, Kofi Busia & Ossy MJ Kasilo the African health monitor (2010) C1
In African traditional medicine, the curative, training, promotive and rehabilitative services are referred to as clinical practices. These traditional health care services are provided through tradition and culture prescribed under a particular philosophy, e.g. ubuntu or unhu. Norms, taboos, tradition and culture, which are the cornerstones of clinical practice of traditional medicine, are the major reason for the acceptability of traditional health practitioners in the community they serve. The philosophical clinical care embedded in these traditions, culture and taboos have contributed to making traditional medicine practices acceptable and hence highly demanded by the population. This paper discusses the different traditional health care services, such as curative services, general traditional healthcare, mental healthcare, midwifery, bone setting, rehabilitative and promotional services that increases health awareness and developing positive attitudes and behaviour towards healthier living).