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The purpose of this ‘Facilitator Guidebook’ is to help the Course Coordinator deliver and document consistently high-quality CBDRR training courses. <br> - Module 1: Understanding the Basics: introduces the participants to the basics of CBDRR implementation of MRCS, general aspects of CBDRR in the context of Myanmar.<br> - Module 2: Implementing the Program: introduces the participants to the 9 CBDRR steps that are followed by MRCS when implementing community- and school-based programs and key points.<br> - Module 3: Ensuring Sustainability: introduces the participants to two aspects that are often forgotten when it comes to program implementation.<br> - Module 4: Being a Facilitator:introduces the participants to facilitation skills and some exercises are carried out that willhelp the participants to be a facilitator of the course themselves in the end.

Myanmar,  community based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR),  Community participation,  programme implementation,  Training manual,