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WHO TEAM Health and migration programme, Surveillance, Prevention and Control (2022)   C_WHO

The GEHM series is an evidence-informed normative product of the WHO Health and Migration Programme to inform policy-makers on migrationrelated public health priorities. These reviews aim to respond to policy questions identified as priorities by summarizing the best available evidence worldwide and proposing policy considerations. By addressing data gaps on the health status of refugees and migrants, the GEHM series aims to support evidenceinformed policy-making and targeted interventions that are impactful and make a difference in the lives of these populations. This Report, the fourth in the GEHM series reviews the available evidence on barriers to antibiotic access and appropriate use in refugees and migrants. It finds that the available evidence on refugees’ and migrants’ access to and use of antibiotics is scarce and is largely constrained to high-income contexts.

migrants,  refugees,  refugee health,  AMR,  Antimicrobial resistance,  access to health,  access to medicines,  antibiotics,  antibiotic resistance,  inequalities,  policy-making,  public health challenge,  Public Health and social measures,