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Ministry of Health, Rwanda & Rwanda Biomedical Centre (2010)   C2

This report documents the findings from the Behavioral Surveillance Survey conducted among youuth aged 15-24 in Rwanda in 2009. The 2009 Youth BSS documented HIV knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors (KAB) among youth in Rwanda. The data provided a cross-sectional look at the current HIV KAB among youth, and allowed for changes over time to be detected when analyzing these data against the results of the 2006 Youth BSS.

Youth Behavior Surveillance Survey (BSS),  Respondent Characteristics,  sexual behaviour,  Sexually Transmitted Infections,  STI,  knowledge of HIV/AIDS,  mother to child transmission,  PLWHA,  PLHIV,  attitude,  stigma,  voluntary counselling and testing,  VCT,  alcohol consumption,  drug use,  exposure,  Youth,  family planning,  male circumcision,  key indicators,