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Preliminary overview of refugees and migrants self-reported impact of COVID-19 The study surveyed over 30,000 refugees and migrants living in 170 countries. Many of the respondents had fled war or dire economic conditions in their home country only to be faced with the additional challenges posed by COVID-19. Travel restrictions including border closures, suspension of resettlement travel, and last-minute deportation left many stranded or forced to stay in cramped, makeshift shelters or detention centers. Amid these uncertain, precarious conditions, many migrants described either a lack of access to health services or a fear of seeking them out — even if they were experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

migrants,  Refugees,  overview,  access to health care,  travel restrictions,  border control,  deportation,  Human rights,  Tuberculosis,  detention centre,  xenophobie,  Cox´s Bazar,  yemen,