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P. Collignon, J.J.Beggs, T.R. Walsh, et al. (2018)   CC

The Lancet Planetary Health, Volume 2, ISSUE 9, Pe398-e405, September 01, 2018. Reduction of antibiotic consumption will not be sufficient to control antimicrobial resistance because contagion—the spread of resistant strains and resistance genes—seems to be the dominant contributing factor. Improving sanitation, increasing access to clean water, and ensuring good governance, as well as increasing public health-care expenditure and better regulating the private health sector are all necessary to reduce global antimicrobial resistance.

antibiotic resistance,  AMR,  Anthropology,  Socioeconomic context,  socioeconomic factors,  research,  public health,  Hygiene,  WASH,  Sanitation,