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World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for South-East-Asia (2017)   C_WHO

The report aims to help policy-makers and programme managers identify the areas that need attention and to work towards effective implementation and enforcement of policies and legislations. The need for alcohol policy-specific infrastructures to support the alcohol policy process, including designated responsible agency, policy and strategy, and law and regulation, is also required at the country level.<br> The report is presented in three sections. Section 1 gives an insight to the alcohol consumption situation in the WHO South-East Asia Region and cites the alcohol-related problems that the Region is facing. Section 2 illustrates the policy situation in the 10 areas of national action identified in the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol and gives specific recommendations pertaining to these areas. Section 3 provides overall recommendations.

South-East Asia,  alcohol consumption,  alcohol abuse,  health goals,  health policies,