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Regional Network for Equity in Health in east and southern Africa (EQUINET): Disussion Paper 110<br> This report compiles evidence from published, grey literature and key informants on the UNMHCP since its introduction in Uganda’s health system, and findings were further validated during a oneday national stakeholder meeting. <br> Three main factors motivated introduction of the UNMHCP. First, Uganda, along with other lowincome countries, was unable to implement holistically the primary healthcare (PHC) concepts as set out in the Alma Ata Declaration. Second, the macro-economic restructuring carried out in the 1990s, which was an international conditionality for low-income countries to access development financing, influenced the trend towards more stringent prioritisation of health interventions as a means of rationing and targeting use of resources. Third, the government sought to achieve equity with a service package that would be universally available for all people.

Uganda,  healthcare services,  health systems,  health policies,