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Disability and Education. Summary of Results

Jacob R.S. Malungo, D. Nabuzoka, R. Paul, et al., Eds.: UNICEF; Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Zambia, et al., (2018)

Qualitative study from Zambia on barriers to and facilitators of life-long learning

Zambia Federation of disability organizations (ZAFOD) Country Report

Simate Smate and Yvonne Zimba, Eds.: SAFOD RESEARCH PROGRAMME (SRP), (2019)

Accessed June 17,2019

Reforming Zambia's Mental Health Law. The case of Mwewa and others V the Attorney General and another

Southern Africa Litigation Centre, Disability Rights Watch, Mental Health Users Network et al., (2017)

every person is supposed to be provided with healthcare services without discrimination. That is to say, persons with disabilities must enjoy the same health range, quality and standard of services and treatment as provided to others

Living Conditions among People with Activity Limitations in Zambia: A National Representative Study.

Arne H Eide & ME Loeb, Eds.: SINTEF Health Research, (2006)

This research report provides results from the study on living conditions among people with disabilities in Zambia. Comparisons are made between individuals with and without disabilities and also between households with and without a disabled family member. Results obtained in Zambia are also compared to those obtained in earlier studies carried out in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The Zambian study was undertaken in 2005-2006.

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