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Family Planning

Eds.: IPPF ESEAOR, UNFPA, (2008)

Training On The Misp For Sexual And Reproductive Health In Crisis Part 2

A Textbook Of Pediatric Orthopaedics

Nigel S. Broughton, Eds.: Royal's Children Hospital Melbourne, (1997)

Download Size of the whole textbook: 28.8 MB

Prise en charge de l’enfant atteint d’infection grave ou de malnutrition sévère

World Health Organization, (2000)

Directives de soins pour les centres de transfert de premier niveau dans les pays en développement

MDR-TB Weight-Based Dosing Chart for Children

Sentinel Project, (2013)

Therapy for MDR-TB is extremely long, complex and burdensome to both patients and health care systems. A single diagnosis can require two years of treatment, or longer. When treating children, there are significant additional barriers treating children with MDR-TB. There is limited data on the pharmacokinetics of second-line TB drugs in children, and almost none are in child-friendly formulations. Nonetheless, there is continued work on second-line drugs to fight MDR-TB. The Sentinel Project has created a complex set of dosing recommendations for administering second-line drugs to children

Integrating Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities into Nutrition Programmes in Emergencies. Why, What and How

UNICEF, WHO, (2012)

This document is written for local and international staff running nutrition programmes in emergencies, and for local, regional and national authorities and donors involved in such programmes. The note explains why nutrition programmes need to include early childhood development (ECD) activities to maximize the child’s development. It provides practical suggestions as to what simple steps are necessary to create integrated programmes in situations of famine or food insecurity and it gives examples of how such integrated programmes have been established in other situations. This document is also available in Arabic: ;and in French:

Disabled Village Children

Werner, David, Eds.: Hesperian, (2009)

A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families. Download size 45 MB!

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