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Newborn Care Videos: Referring a sick Baby

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

This film shows the essential features of a referral process. It covers involving the family, arranging transport, preparing the baby for the journey, and writing the referral note. It also includes what to do if referral is not an option.

Newborn Care Videos: Inserting an IV

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

This film shows how to insert an IV into the tiny vein of a newborn. It illustrates gathering supplies, finding a good vein, applying a tourniquet, the insertion technique, taping and splinting the IV, and administering medication.

Newborn Care Videos: Basic Skills

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

This film covers the basic skills of taking a temperature, counting the breathing rate, and weighing a baby. You can also download this movie for the mobile phone at

Newborn Care Videos, Khmer

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

Several of our newborn care videos have been narrated in Khmer by University Research Company (URC), which works with the Ministry of Health to improve the quality of health services available in Cambodia. Joan Woods—Hospital Improvement Program Leader—said, “The videos are excellent teaching tools, clear and simple and easy to understand.

Newborn Care Videos: Newborn Physical Exam, (2014)

This film demonstrates a newborn physical exam. It shows 3 parts: observation, vital signs, and the head-to-toe exam. It also shows normal variations and abnormal findings.

Newborn Care Videos: Feeding with a Gastric Tube

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

This film shows the correct and safe way to feed a baby with a gastric tube. It highlights involving the mother and features a chart that shows the volume of milk to give at each feeding according to the day of life.

Newborn Care Videos: Breast Engorgement

Global Health Media Project, (2014)

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