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A Guide to Family Planning for Comunity Health Workers and their Clients

WHO, (2012)

Adapted from the WHO's Decision-Making Tool for family planning clients and providers

Preventing Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) Through Nutrition-Specific Interventions

Michelle Jimenez;Maryanne Stone-Jimenez, Eds.: CMAM Forum, (2014)

This Technical Brief reviews current practice and evidence on nutrition-specific preventive approaches to MAM, providing practical guidance for implementers and programme managers, and highlighting gaps in evidence and guidance.

Global status report on violence prevention 2014

World Health Organization, (2014)

The Global status report on violence prevention 2014, which reflects data from 133 countries, is the first report of its kind to assess national efforts to address interpersonal violence, namely child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, and elder abuse. Jointly published by WHO, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the report reviews the current status of violence prevention efforts in countries, and calls for a scaling up of violence prevention programmes; stronger legislation and enforcement of laws relevant for violence prevention; and enhanced services for victims of violence. You can download summaries in different languages, single chapters and graphics

Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM): Current Knowledge and Practice

Reginald A. Annan, Patrick Webb, Rebecca Brown, Eds.: CMAM Forum, (2014)

This Technical Brief focuses on current principles and approaches to Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) management, highlighting key constraints, gaps in knowledge and areas still lacking consensus. It is intended to inform ongoing debates among practitioners, national partners, donors and analysts on what information and evidence on best practices are currently available, where the gaps are, and priorities for going forward.

Comprehensive cervical cancer control: A guide to essential practice

August Burns, Linda O’Neal Eckert, Susan Hariri et al, (2014)

This publication gives a broad vision of what a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer prevention and control means. In particular, it outlines the complementary strategies for comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control, and highlights the neners. This new guide updates the 2006 edition and includes the recent promising deve ed for collaboration across programmes, organizations and partl- opments in technologies and strategies that can address the gaps between the needs for and availability of services for cervical cancer prevention and control.


Medical Aid Films, (2014)

Somali version of How Babies are made This is a film aimed at early teens and young adults. It describes what puberty is and how babies are made using a mixture of animation and expert advice as well as from young men and women in Nairobi. Translation thanks to Aidarus Khalif and Fouzia Ismail and Abdirahman Dahir Aden at the Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)


Medical Aid Films, (2014)

This film follows Neema, a village birth attendant, while she helps to deliver a baby in a rural setting where there is no access to trained health workers. It teaches 10 key steps that will lead to a clean delivery, including cutting the cord with a new clean razor blade. This film is aimed at women in the communities where this situation is most likely to occur and traditional birth attendants.

Video: How to Plan Pregnancy/SIDA LOO QORSHEEYO UURKA

Medical Aid Films, (2014)

Somali version of How to Plan Pregnancy Translation thanks to Aidarus Khalif and Fouzia Ismail and Abdirahman Dahir Aden at the Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)

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