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A Guide to Identifying and Documenting Best Practices in Family Planning Programmes

World Health Organization WHO, Regional Office for Africa, (2017)

Best practices” are exemplary public health practices that have achieved results, and which need to be scaled up so as to benefit more people. The expansion and institutionalization of successfully tested best practices requires strategic planning. There are several creative and constructive actions by people and organizations in the health sector to improve the health outcomes of people.

Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use

Erin Berry-Bibee, Melissa Chen, Kathryn Curtis et al., Eds.: World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

Teaching Cases in Medical Peace Work

Medical Peace Work, (2016)

Medical Peace Work is an emerging field of expertise in health work, violence prevention, and peace-building. These interactive cases will introduce you to some of the key concepts, opportunities and dilemmas in the peace health field. These audio-visual teaching case are intended to be used as the basis for group work and class discussion in both, formal and non-formal educational settings for health professionals and their students

IATT paediatric ARV formulary and limited-use list: 2016 update

Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) for prevention and treatment of HIV infection in pregnant women, mother and children, (2016)

SGBV Prevention and Response: Training Package

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, (2016)

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