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Kinderreport Deutschland 2018 - Rechte von Kindern in Deutschland

Krüger, T; Hofmann, H.; Kamp, U. et al. , Eds.: Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V. , (2018)

Der jährlich erscheinende Kinderreport des Deutschen Kinderhilfswerkes berichtet über den aktuellen Zustand der Umsetzung von Kinderrechten aus Sicht von Kindern und Erwachsenen. Die Ergebnisse des Kinderreports liefern Impulse, Optionen und Handlungsvorschläge für politische Gestaltungsprozesse im Interesse von Kindern. Die repräsentative Umfrage wurde vom Politikforschungsinstituts Kantar Public im Auftrag des Deutschen Kinderhilfswerkes durchgeführt.

European inventory of national policies for the prevention of violence and injuries

World Health Organization, (2014)

This inventory has been compiled by WHO/Europe to help facilitate monitoring and reporting of national policies for the prevention of violence and injuries, in close collaboration with national focal persons officially nominated by ministries of health and with support from the European Commission (EC). The documents in the inventory reflect policy initiatives undertaken at national level in countries across the Region by different sectors involved in the prevention of violence and injuries, such as health, justice, interior, social affairs, transport. Information can be viewed and searched on a country basis or in a summary table, listing all countries, by clicking one of the tabs above. This facilitates the sharing of information by Member States and comparisons across the WHO European Region. This inventory is one of the products of a joint WHO/EC project on preventing injury and promoting safety in Europe. More information about prevention of violence and injuries can be found in the WHO/Europe website on violence and injury prevention.

Severe acute malnutrition with medical complications kit (SAM/MC), for 50 children (less than 5 years)

World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

WHO's Severe acute malnutrition with medical complications kit (SAM/MC) kit is a standard kit designed to provide medical treatment for 50 children under five suffering from severe malnutrition with medical complications. The SAM/MC kit content list can be downloaded under: The SAM/MC kit includes antibiotics, antifungal, de-worming, antimalarial and anti-scabies medicines, and a rehydration mix specific to treat cases of severe acute malnutrition. This prepacked kit is designed for use where there is disruption of medical supplies in emergency settings as a way to fill a gap until the medical supply mechanisms are restored. The SAM/MC kit contains 3 different modules: the basic module with essential medicines, the supplementary module with injectables and the supply & equipment module. The basic module contains malaria treatments that could be opted out. The SAM/MC kit is designed for inpatient care and therefore to be used by trained health workers. The SAM/MC kit does NOT contain any medicines for the management of TB or HIV, and does NOT contain any therapeutic foods. Complementary nutrition kits could be ordered from UNICEF (refer to UNICEF online catalog). The information note on SAM/MC lit can be downloaded under:

Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A tool for Action.

Promundo, UNFPA, (2016)

This tool is a living document that provides guidance on good partnership practices that promote strong relationships between civil society organizations and government representatives on engaging men and boys in gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Its goal is to strengthen these partnerships in order to enable the scale up and/or institutionalization of evidence-based approaches to engaging men and boys.

WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience

World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

Within the continuum of reproductive health care, antenatal care (ANC) provides a platform for important healthcare functions, including health promotion, screening and diagnosis, and disease prevention. It has been established that, by implementing timely and appropriate evidence-based practices, ANC can save lives.

WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience. Russian Version

World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

Рекомендации ВОЗ по оказанию дородовой помощи для формирования положительного опыта беременности

Puesta al día sobre los mecanismos de acción de la anticoncepción oral de emergecia (AOE)

Dr. Luis Távara Orozco, Eds.: Consorcio Latinoamericano de Anticoncepción de Emergencia (CLAE), Naciones Unidas, et al., (2010)

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