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B1. Maltrato y exposición precoz a la violencia

Susan MK Tan, Norazlin Kamal Nor, Loh Sit Fong, Suzaily Wahab, Sheila Marimuthu & Chan Lai Fong, Eds.: IACAPAP, (2015)

Child soldiers international annual report 2016-17

Child Soldiers International, Eds.: CSI, (2017)

Armed conflict continues to tear apart communities across the world. From Boko Haram’s abducted ‘brides’ and Islamic State’s ‘Caliphate Cubs’, to the countless others exploited by armed groups in Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Afghanistan, many taking part in the world’s wars are still children.

An end to violence against children

UN Children's Fund UNICEF, Eds.: United Nations and Partners, (2012)

The full range and scale of all forms of violence against children are only now becoming visible, as is the evidence of the harm it does. This book documents the outcomes and recommendations of the process of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children. ‘The Study’ is the first comprehensive, global study on all forms of violence against children. It builds on the model of the study on the impact of armed conflict on children, prepared by Graça Machel and presented to the General Assembly in 1996, and follows the World Health Organization’s 2002 World Report on Violence and Health.1

Creating a Healing Environment - Volume II: Technical Papers

John Frederick, Eds.: International Labour Organization IPEC & Trafficking in Children-South Asia (TICSA), (2002)

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and Occupational Integration of Child Survivors of Trafficking and Other Worst Forms of Child Labour |

B.1 Плохое обращение и насилие в раннем возрасте

Susan M K Tan, Norazlin Kamal Nor, Loh Sit Fong, Suzaily Wahab , Eds.: International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions, (2018)

Детям нужна безопасная и надежная окружающая среда, которую они могут назвать своим домом. Кроме выполнения функции жилища, дом должен служить местом физической и эмоциональной безопасности, где дети могут обрести комфорт и защиту. Следовательно, оптимальное развитие зависит от взаимодействия между позитивным влиянием окружающей среды и унаследованной генетической предрасположенностью, которое начинается уже в период внутриутробного развития (Shonkoff et al, 2000). Исследования показали, что негативный опыт раннего детства может иметь отдаленные последствия для детей, включая изменения структуры головного мозга (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2004).

Zwölf Jahre, Sklave - Kinder in Zwangsarbeit

Terre des Hommes; Süd Wind, (2014)

Die Risiken für Kinder, Opfer sexueller Ausbeutung zu werden, haben in den vergangenen Jahren eher zu- als abgenommen. Dies stellte Ende 2013 die Sonderberichterstatterin der Vereinten Nationen zum Thema Prostitution von Kindern fest. Neben Sklaverei ist Kinderprostitution eine der offensichtlich illegalen Formen von Zwangsarbeit, um die es in der Studie von Autorinnen und Autoren des Südwind-Instituts geht, die von Terre des hommes herausgegeben wurde.

Hidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), (2014)

Interpersonal violence – in all its forms – has a grave effect on children: Violence undermines children’s future potential; damages their physical, psychological and emotional well-being; and in many cases, ends their lives. The report sheds light on the prevalence of different forms of violence against children, with global figures and data from 190 countries. Where relevant, data are disaggregated by age and sex, to provide insights into risk and protective factors.

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