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Building Trust and Mutual Respect: Strengthening Families Through the Rethabile "Happy Together" Parenting Program

Catholic Relief Services CRS; 4Children, (2019)

The Rethabile positive parenting activity is being run by 4Children Lesotho with caregivers and teens ages 9 to 24 for the purpose of reducing harsh parenting practices (i.e., violence) and improving positive parenting practices. By promoting adult–child communication around topics such as HIV and AIDS prevention, and exploring models of family-focused violence prevention and support, the program facilitates disclosure of HIV status, promotes greater treatment seeking and adherence, and helps to reduce HIV stigma.lesoth

Behind Closed Doors: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), (2006)

The report examines some of the underlying causes of domestic violence and the impact on children of being exposed to violence in the home.

INSPIRE: Seven strategies for Ending Violence Against Children

Alexander Butchart, Susan Hillis, Angela Burton et al., Eds.: World Health Organisation (WHO), (2016)

A child is a child

UNICEF, (2017)

Protecting children on the move from violence, abuse and exploitation

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