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Venezuela’s doctors and patients share tales of despair and dismay

Schulman, S., Eds.: IRIN, (2018)

Accessed Dec.5, 2018. The latest instalment of our special report from inside Venezuela exposes a healthcare system where drugs and doctors are harder and harder to come by, and shortages of water and electricity help disease and death thrive.

El empinado camino a la escuela (Video)

Griffin, A., Eds.: Cecpdap, (2018)

La escasez de comida y transporte está haciendo más difícil la asistencia al colegio. Algunos niños, niñas y adolescentes se quedan en el camino por falta de “energía“ para subir la cuesta que significa, meriendas, transporte, uniformes y útiles. Otros continúan su formación escolar más allá de las fronteras venezolanas. La emergencia humanitaria se matricula en la escuela.

El éxodo Venezolano

Human Rights Watch, (2018)

Urge una respuesta regional ante una crisis migratoria sin precedentes

The Venezuelan Exodus

Human Rights Watch, (2018)

The Need for a Regional Response to an Unprecedented Migration Crisis. This report provides an overview of where the more than 2 million Venezuelans who have left the country since 2014, at least half of them in the past year and a half alone, are now living, the conditions they face, their prospects of obtaining legal status in the host countries, and applicable international standards that should guide host governments’ responses.

Experiencias en el entorno de una emergencia política compleja

López-Loyo, E.; J.F.Oletta, M.J.González, et al., Eds.: Academia Nacional de Medicina (ANM), (2018)

Gac Méd Caracas 2018;126(1):52-78 Responsibilidad Social Institucional (RSI)

Meeting basic health needs in a Venezuela in crisis


In responding to the health crisis in Venezuela, the United States and the international community can consider several options: they can encourage the Venezuelan government to fulfill commitments to protect the population's health and access to essential medicines; and they can support civil society organizations and professional groups providing analysis about the health sector. Strengthening the potential of public health professionals within Venezuela, as well as in the diaspora, to develop plans for reforming the health system and addressing current public health challenges should there be a political opening for them to do so will be important, as well.

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