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Minutes to Die. Snakebites: The World Ignored Health Crisis

Lillian Lincoln Foundation; World Health Organization WHO, MSF; et al., (2019)

Communities in snakebite endemic countries need to be properly educated on what to do in the event of a snakebite and what steps to take to lessen one from happening. These comprehensive prevention videos in multiple languages are resources YOU can share with school children, agricultural workers, homemakers. Help spread these important videos right on down to the people and regions affected. Minutes to Die released snakebite prevention videos in 12 languages made for sharing and aimed at community health workers in Africa and India, produced by the Lillian Lincoln Foundation, along with the WHO, MSF, and a host of other NGOs.

Diabetes .

Hesperian, (2016)

This content is from the Advance Chapters of the NEW Where There Is No Doctor. You can download this chapter in Bangla, English, Haitian Kreyol, Lao, Nepali, Spanish, and Swahili

Juma na Kichocho

World Health Organization WHO; CHADU , Eds.: UNICEF, (2000)

IPC Handwashing Poster. Osha Mikono Yako

USAID; Ministriy of Health Tanzania, et al., (2012)

As part of Tanzania's program to increase infection prevention and control throughout the country, an SBCC strategy was developed. Part of this strategy was the development of a handwashing poster for display.

Kitendea Kazi Cha Wahamasishaji Jamii Jinsi Ya Kufanya Kikao Na Viongozi Wa Kata/ Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Tanzania Kiswahili Job Aids

USAID; PEPFAR; AIDSFree; et al., (2016)

The purpose of the job aids is to provide guidance to AIDSFree health promoters in-country on how to carry out targeted Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) awareness and advocacy meetings with local leaders, religious leaders, and famous influential people in the community.

Prostate cancer/Tezi dume

Emmanuel J. Kandusi, Eds.: Centre for Human Rights Promotion – CHRP, (2014)

Accessed October 2014

Lifestyle and non communicable diseases/Mtindo wa maisha na magonjwa yasiyo ya kuambukizwa

Tanzania Diabetes Association, (2014)

For full publication see: Accessed October 2014.

Coping with Drug Resistance/Kukabiliana na usugu wa dawa

Martin Namasaka, Eds.: Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN), (2011)

For full publication see:

Health risks of women's beauty products/Afya Na Urembo Wa Msichana

Clifford Majani, Eds.: NIMR-Mbeya Medical Research Centre, (2014)

For full publication see: Accessed October 2014

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