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Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Leprosy

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

The Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Leprosy provide state-of-the-art knowledge and evidence on leprosy diagnosis, treatment and prevention based on a public health approach in endemic countries. The target audience of this document includes policy-makers in leprosy or infectious diseases in the ministries of health (‎especially but not limited to endemic countries)‎, nongovernmental organizations, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, donors and affected persons

International Textbook of Leprosy

D.M. Scollard and T.P. Gillis, Eds.: American Leprosy Missions, (2018)

The International Textbook of Leprosy is dedicated to the physicians and health workers caring for their first patient with leprosy, and to all of those in the research community who have encountered some of the fascinating scientific aspects of leprosy and wish to learn more. Read online at:

How to Recognise and Manage Leprosy Reactions

The International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), (2002)

Learning Guide Two

MDT Regimens

World Health Organization, (2015)

Accessed March 19,2015

Model Patient Card / Record (Leprosy)

ILEP International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations, (2014)

2nd edition. There have been many requests over the past few years for advice about what information should be included in a patient record for leprosy. The patient record should contain the essential information for the clinical management of the patients, for monitoring adherence to MDT, and for reporting to the national programmes and to WHO. Patient records vary between countries due to differences in health systems and are modified from time to time. The Model Patient Record is recommended as a reference and as a check list when evaluating programmes and when reviewing existing patient records.

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