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Effizienz durch Fortbildung Schulung zum Thema Ebola. German.

EFFO Ebola, (2016)

Accessed 23rd February 2016 Dieses Manual dient der Durchführung von Trainings von Krankenhauspersonal zur Vorbereitung auf Ebola-Verdachtsfälle in Westafrika. EFFO-Trainerinnen und Trainer finden hier die Lehrmaterialien und Unterlagen für die Organisation einer Schulung.

GO training video lectures


The GO training package was developed by the World Health Organization for use by staff, consultants and partners who are part of the emergency response, so that they can work safely as part of the teams working to bring the outbreak under control. Training outline: Module 1: Pre-deployment training Module 2: Introduction to Ebola Module 3: Global Ebola response Module 4: Pillars of the global Ebola response Module 5: Working with WHO

GO pre-deployment training: Ebola virus disease flip book

World Health Organization, (2015)

The flip book is for pre-deployment trainings for Ebola response, and is based on frequently asked questions about Ebola virus disease (EVD): What is Ebola virus disease? How do people become infected with EVD? Why WHO is focusing on safe and dignified burials of people who have died from Ebola? Who is most at risk? What are the symptoms of Ebola infection? What treatment is available for Ebola?

GO pre-deployment training: participant handbook

World Health Organization, (2015)

This is a pre-deployment training, tailored specially to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, offered to WHO personnel, consultants, and key partners. The material covered in modules 1-4 is applicable and useful to frontline response workers, national and international. Only Module 5, which focuses on operational aspects - the code of conduct for international civil servants and human resources arrangements for WHO deployees, are specifically geared to all internationally recruited personnel and to WHO deployees respectively

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