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NEW Ebola: GO 2.0

Eds.: World Health Organization, (2018)

All personnel responding to Ebola outbreaks need to have basic knowledge and skills in order to mount an effective response. The GO training package was developed for WHO deployees so they can work safely and effectively as part of the teams bringing outbreaks under control. The learning package consists of 7 modules, which include video lectures and downloadable presentations that have been updated with the latest information and developments. It begins with an introduction to Ebola virus disease before moving to the response strategy and essential information related to working for WHO. The GO materials are designed to complement the ePROTECT training, which is available here:

NEW Ebola: Clinical management of Ebola virus disease

World Health Organization (WHO), (2018)

This comprehensive intermediate level course is for clinicians caring for patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus disease (EVD). Modules provide information on screening and triage, infection prevention and control, laboratory diagnostics, organization of the Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC), clinical care of patients in the ETC, and investigational therapeutic agents.

Maßnahmen bei Verdacht auf Ebolafieber

Robert-Koch-Institut, (2015)

Die Infografik ist als PDF-Datei zum Selbstausdrucken in zwei Größen verfügbar

Effizienz durch Fortbildung Schulung zum Thema Ebola. German.

EFFO Ebola, (2016)

Accessed 23rd February 2016 Dieses Manual dient der Durchführung von Trainings von Krankenhauspersonal zur Vorbereitung auf Ebola-Verdachtsfälle in Westafrika. EFFO-Trainerinnen und Trainer finden hier die Lehrmaterialien und Unterlagen für die Organisation einer Schulung.

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