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Ebola: WHO Guidelines for Burial Protocols for the Burial Management Team

WiRed International, (2015)

Burial Management Teams have a difficult job resolving two critical issues relevant to their tasks. First, they must safeguard and ensure infection control and prevention for team members, family members and members of the community. Second, they must remain sensitive to the cultural and religious practices of families and others affected by Ebola deaths. This module, based solidly on WHO guidelines, provides burial management teams with practices appropriate to ensure infection control and to remain sensitive to religious and cultural burial practices.

Ebola: Infection Prevention and Control for Health Care Workers in Community and Health Care Settings

WiRed International, (2015)

Ebola infections among health care providers can have devastating effects on individuals, on health care systems and on the communities they serve. This module discusses WHO and CDC infection prevention and control measures that health care facilities should follow to prepare for and to contain an infectious disease outbreak. The module covers infection prevention and control (IPC) in a community and health care setting and looks at IPC in general patient care and in the care of suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola. The module also reviews environment cleaning and the management of linen and waste. Finally the module reviews non-patient care activities, such as IPC in burial procedures, and offers a comprehensive final quiz to help users confirm their understanding of the material.

Interactive: Learn about our Ebola protective equipment

Médecins sans Frontières, (2014)

Hover over the image for an interactive guide to our Ebola teams' Personal Protective Equipment:

Chlorine Poisoning

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, (2014)

Information for health Workers in West Africa

Images showing individual symptoms of Ebola


The full set of Ebola symptoms images are available as a zip-file. Large File: 9,87 MB. You can download single posters, too.

Ebola treatment centre: interactive guide

Médecins sans Frontières, (2014)

Please go to the the website and hover over the image for an interactive guide to Ebola

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