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Direito é Qualidade Ferramenta de análise de documentação e observação

Secretaria de Atenção à Saúde Departamento de Ações Programáticas Estratégicas, Eds.: MINISTÉRIO DA SAÚDE , (2015)

Kit de ferramentas de avaliação e melhoria da qualidade e dos direitos humanos em serviços de saúde mental e de assistência social.

Innovation in deinstitutionalization: a WHO expert survey

World Health Organization WHO, (2014)

Based on the survey, five principles for deinstitutionalization were identified: community-based services must be in place; the health workforce must be committed to change; political support at the highest and broadest levels is crucial; timing is key; and additional financial resources are needed.

Diálogos comunitarios acerca de la salud mental. Guida de planificatión

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHASA, (2013)

Proporciona herramientas para ayudar a organizar un día para el diálogo comunitario acerca de la salud mental. Habla sobre la logística de encontrar un lugar, formar una red de socios; reclutar participantes y facilitadores, organizar la reunión e identificar las medidas de seguimiento. Nota: Habrá copias impresas de este documento disponibles en el futuro cercano.

WHO QualityRights Tool Kit, Interview Tool

World Health Organization WHO, (2012)

Assessing and improving quality and human rights in mental health and social care facilites

Resources for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

World Health Organization WHO, (2012)

The WHO Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study measures the burden of disease using the disability-adjusted life year metric (DALY). The DALY metric was developed to assess the burden of disease consistently across diseases, risk factors and regions. A consistent and comparative description of the burden of diseases and injuries and the risk factors that cause them is important as it can inform health decision-making and health care planning.

The WHO mental health policy and service guidance package

World Health Organization WHO, (2006)

Checklists and 13 user-friendly modules to support policy development and service planning. You can download the different modules directly from the website: The purpose of the guidance package is to assist policy-makers and planners to: develop policies and comprehensive strategies for improving the mental health of populations; use existing resources to achieve the greatest possible benefits; provide effective services to those in need; assist the reintegration of persons with mental disorders into all aspects of community life, thus improving their overall quality of lif

What the girls say. Improving practices for the demobilisation and reintegration of girls associated with armed forces and armed groups in Democratic Republic of Congo

Child Soldiers International , Eds.: CSI , (2016)

This report presents the findings of research conducted by Child Soldiers International to assess the effectiveness of release, psychosocial recovery and reintegration interventions (commonly referred to as ‘DDR’) for girls associated with armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More specifically, it seeks to shed some light on the extent to which girls have been reached by DDR programmes, and on the appropriateness of this support where it was offered, mostly from the point of view of the girls themselves.

Dementia - Toolkit for community workers in low- and middle-income countries

Mercado, S., Eds.: World Health Organization (Pacific Region), (2018)

Guide for community-based management and care of people with dementia Version 1.0 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division of NCD and Health through the Life-Course World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Schuften statt lernen – oder besser umgekehrt?

Terre des hommes, Eds.: Terre des hommes, (2005)

Warum, wo und wie Kinder arbeiten müssen – und was man dagegen tun kann Eine Unterrichtseinheit für die Jahrgangsstufen 6 und 7

Перша психологічна допомога

National Child Traumatic Видавництво “Друкарські куншти, Stress Network and National Center for PTSD, Інститут психічного здоров’я українського католицького університету видавнича серія «психологія. психіатрія. психотерапія», (2015)

Видання адресоване не тільки психологам та соціальним працівникам, але й усім, хто може стикатися з надзвичайними ситуаціями, стихійними лихами та катастрофами або іншими масовими трагедіями: працівникам служби з надзвичайних ситуацій, лікарям та іншому медичному персоналу, медицини катастроф та й усім лікарям загальної практики, військовослуж-бовцям, волонтерам та багатьом іншим.

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