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Adherence interventions and outcomes of tuberculosis treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis of trials and observational studies

Alipanah N, Jarlsberg L et al., (2018)

We systematically reviewed Medline as well as the references of published review articles for relevant studies of adherence to multidrug treatment of both drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB through February 3, 2018. We included randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as well as prospective and retrospective cohort studies (CSs) with an internal or external control group that evaluated any adherence intervention and conducted a meta-analysis of their impact on TB treatment outcomes. Our search identified 7,729 articles, of which 129 met the inclusion criteria for quantitative analysis. Seven adherence categories were identified, including DOT offered by different providers and at various locations, reminders and tracers, incentives and enablers, patient education, digital technologies (short message services [SMSs] via mobile phones and video-observed therapy [VOT]), staff education, and combinations of these interventions.

Recommendations of the German Central Committee against Tuberculosis (DZK) and the German Respiratory Society (DGP) for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-tuberculous Mycobacterioses

N. Schoenfeld, W. Haas, E. Richter, et al., (2016)

Empfehlungen zur Diagnostik und Therapie nichttuberkulöser Mykobakteriosen des Deutschen Zentralkomitees zur Bekämpfung der Tuberkulose (DZK) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin (DGP). Schoenfeld N et al. Recommendations of the German Central Committee… Pneumologie 2016; 70: 250–276

Infektionsprävention bei Tuberkulose – Empfehlungen des DZK

R. Ziegler, H-M. Just, S. Castell, et al., (2012)

10.1055/s-0031-1291582 Online-Publikation: 31.1.2012 Pneumologie 2012; 66: 269–282

The Use of BCG Vaccine in HIV Infected Patients

Centre for Health Protection; Scientific Committee on AIDS and STI; Department of Health, (2009)

TB-Screen. Interaktives Programm in 32 Spachen zur Erhebung einer ersten Anamnese

Kompetenzzentrum Tuberkulose Lungenliga Schweiz, (2017)

Das interaktive Befragungs-Instrument in 32 Sprachen ist unter frei verfügbar. Die Fragen werden von der Fachperson am Bildschirm zusammen mit der befragten Person durchgegangen, wobei im Hintergrund ein Punktescore berechnet wird. Die Fragen können auch als Dokument heruntergeladen werden. Nach Abschluss des Interviews können die Befragungsresultate ausgedruckt oder als Dokument gespeichert werden. Es werden keine Daten im System gespeichert.

Health of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

Cochrane Library, (2016)

The aim of this Special Collection is to provide guidance to people attending refugees and asylum seekers, and to help the development of community programmes and policies. The collection focuses on the conditions most relevant to the context of transit or the patient population involved: common mental health disorders (post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression), skin infections (including scabies, cellulitis, and impetigo), sexual and physical violence, vaccines-preventable diseases, and tuberculosis. This Special Collection is also available in Spanish: La salud de los refugiados y solicitantes de asilo en Europa, hosted by Cochrane Iberoamérica Free Access

Guidelines for Clinical and Operational Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

José A. Caminero, Eds.: International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), (2013)

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