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Regional Ebola Preparedness Overview of Needs and Requirements June to December 2019

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

This document presents a consolidated summary of urgent activities required to advance preparedness, as elaborated in each country's national plan, with a particular focus on Priority 1 countries. It presents the estimated requirements, needs, and gaps for each of the Priority 1 countries and a summary for Priority 2 countries, as aligned for the period of July to December 2019.

United Republic of Tanzania: Inter-Agency Operational Update (September 2019)

UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, (2019)

278,767: Total number of refugees and asylum-seekers living in Tanzania 205,720: Burundian population of concern 72,574: Congolese population of concern 76,100: Burundian refugees returned voluntarily since September 2017

Minutes to Die. Snakebites: The World Ignored Health Crisis

Lillian Lincoln Foundation; World Health Organization WHO, MSF; et al., (2019)

Communities in snakebite endemic countries need to be properly educated on what to do in the event of a snakebite and what steps to take to lessen one from happening. These comprehensive prevention videos in multiple languages are resources YOU can share with school children, agricultural workers, homemakers. Help spread these important videos right on down to the people and regions affected. Minutes to Die released snakebite prevention videos in 12 languages made for sharing and aimed at community health workers in Africa and India, produced by the Lillian Lincoln Foundation, along with the WHO, MSF, and a host of other NGOs.

Standard Treatment Guidelines & National Essential Medicines List Tanzania Mainland

Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; Government of Tanzania, (2018)

Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation in Tanzania’s Health and Social Service Programmes: Field Manual

MEASURE Evaluation Tanzania, (2017)

This manual serves as a toolkit of useful PM&E techniques for improving the performance and impact of community-based interventions, such as those involving the most vulnerable children, home-based care and gender-based violence. The manual includes a five-step PM&E programme path and six community group tools.

Tanzania Malaria Indicator Survey 2017

Ministry of Health, MoHCDGEC, Tanzania NBS, OCGS, and ICF, (2018)

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