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Syrian Hospitals surveillance Study March 2017

A. Al-Kassem,F. Joria,H. Alnahhas, et al., Eds.: Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, (2017)

Strategy, responsiveness and preparedness of the Syrian health care system in the short, mid and long term

Ebens, B., E. Fosse, M. Niechzial, et al., Eds.: World Health Organisation (WHO), Regional Office for Eastern Management, (2016)

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon eight years on: What works and why that matters for the future

CARE, (2018)

This publication includes quotes from various respondents interviewed in Tripoli, Akkar and Beirut. We focused on three main questions: How are the relations between refugees and Lebanese? How are refugees faring in the job market? Which concrete initiatives have already demonstrated positive impact in terms of increasing their financial and/or social well-being? The combination of those factors are key to understanding refugees’ livelihoods and coping strategies and reflect on what more can be done by local and international actors to increase social stability in Lebanon on a temporary basis, pending durable solutions.

An Invisible Crisis: Exploring Mental Health needs in the Syrian and Iraqi Crises; Médecins du Monde response and challenges ahead

Médecins du Monde, (2018)

It highlights the numerous challenges to quality service provision, along with the organisation’s response to mental health needs, and recommendations for international and regional decision-makers including: Advocating and working towards mental health policies that support adequate funding for mental health care and government support Legislation to protect the rights of people with mental disorders and vulnerable communities Advocating for multi-year funding to support the sustainability of MHPSS programs Creating capacity building opportunities consistent with the IASC guidelines and supported with continuous supervision

Syria: Flash update on recent events - 2 August 2018

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, (2018)

This update provides a summary of recent displacement, along with developments from the UNHCR co-led Sector/Clusters of Protection, Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) and Shelter/Non Food Items (SNFI).

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