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Hidden victims of the Syrian crisis: disabled, injured and older refugee

Handicap International and HelpAge International: , (2014)

New research published today shows that older, disabled and injured Syrian refugees are paying a double toll as a result of the conflict. The report, released by Handicap International and HelpAge International, provides new data showing how much these vulnerable refugees are struggling to meet their specific needs

Syria Crisis Common Context Analysis

Hugo Slim and Lorenzo Trombetta, Eds.: IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee, (2014)

Report commissioned by the IASC Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations Steering Group as part of the Syria Coordinated Accountability and Lessons Learning Initiative

Syrian Refugees in the Region

UNHCR, (2014)

Please download the latest map from the website

Initial clinical management of patients exposed to chemical weapons

World Health Organization, (2014)

This interim guidance is aimed at healthcare workers who may receive patients exposed to chemical weapons at their healthcare facilities. It provides questions to guide the identification of contaminated patients, recommendations on personal protection, procedures for decontamination, guidance for triage and identification of categories of exposure, and treatment regimens for individual chemicals. Arabic version available:

Patient Decontamination Recommendations for Hospitals

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) California, (2005)

"This document provides recommendations for protecting healthcare providers and managing patients in the event of a hazardous materials exposure. Content was compiled through nationally recognized, current practice standards and formatted into user-friendly materials. "

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