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NEW Global humanitarian assistance report 2019

Development Initiatives; Global Humanitarian Assistance, (2019)

This year’s report contains detailed analysis of the international financing at work in crisis-affected contexts. Navigating the increasingly complex and changing financing landscape, the report includes new analysis of the wide range of resources going to recurrent and protracted crisis response countries.

Rigging the System. Government Policies Co-Opt Aid and Reconstruction Funding in Syria . Arabic Version

Human Rights Watch, (2019)

نظام مغشوش سياسات الحكومة السورية لاستغلال المساعدات الإنسانية وتمويل إعادة الإعمار

An Uncertain Future: Fragility and Humanitarian Priorities in Northeast Syria

Refugees International, (2019)

After almost eight bloody years, the war in Syria finally appears to be reaching the endgame. The Assad regime controls some two-thirds of the country. In the northwest, the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has launched an offensive against opposition-controlled Idlib governorate under the cover of a brutal Russian bombing campaign. Upwards of 3 million Syrians in Idlib are under threat. Meanwhile, in northeast Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces—the Syrian Kurdish dominated militia backed by the United States—have dislodged the Islamic State and now control one-third of the country. However, the humanitarian situation in the northeast remains extremely fragile and could deteriorate quickly. Indeed, over a third of the 4 million people in this area need humanitarian assistance and some 600,000 are displaced.

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