Trends in Maternal Health in Rwanda: Further Analysis of the 2014-15 Demographic and Health Survey

Assaf, Shireen, Sarah Staveteig, and Francine Birungi, Eds.: Rockville, Maryland, USA: ICF, (2018)

DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 108 - This report examines levels, trends, and inequalities in maternal health in Rwanda from 2010 to 2014-15 among women age 15-49 with a recent birth. The analysis uses Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data for 15 key indicators of maternal health: 6 for antenatal care, 3 for delivery, 1 for postnatal care, and 5 for barriers to accessing medical care. Levels and trends in these indicators were analyzed overall and by three background characteristics: women’s education, household wealth quintile, and region.

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