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Quality of care in contraceptive information and services, based on human rights standards: A checklist for health care providers

Rajat Khosla, Moazzam Ali and Jane Cottingham, Eds.: World Health Organisation (WHO), (2017)

This checklist covers five areas of competence needed by health care providers to provide quality of care in contraceptive information and services including: respecting users’ privacy and guaranteeing contfidentiality, choice, accessible and acceptable services, involvement of users in improving services and fostering continuity of care and follow-up.

A Guide to Identifying and Documenting Best Practices in Family Planning Programmes

World Health Organization WHO, Regional Office for Africa, (2017)

Best practices” are exemplary public health practices that have achieved results, and which need to be scaled up so as to benefit more people. The expansion and institutionalization of successfully tested best practices requires strategic planning. There are several creative and constructive actions by people and organizations in the health sector to improve the health outcomes of people.

Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use

Erin Berry-Bibee, Melissa Chen, Kathryn Curtis et al., Eds.: World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

Advance Family Planning - Advocacy Portfolio

Advance Family Planning (AFP), (2015)

Adapted from well-established decision-making concepts and honed through practical application in resource-limited settings, the AFP Advocacy Portfolio includes: 1. Advocate for Family Planning, an introduction to AFP’s approach. 2. Develop a Strategy, featuring a tool to understand your context and AFP SMART: A Guide to Quick Wins, our 9-step approach to developing a focused, collaborative advocacy strategy that leads to quick wins. 3. Implement a Plan, tools to monitor your impact and make your case to decision makers. 4. Capture Results, with the AFP Results Cascade: A User’s Guide, a monitoring and evaluation tool that provides instructions to track a quick win or series of quick wins to long-term impact, and case study writing guidance.

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