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ZAZI: a participatory programme on Sexual and Reproductive Health for women and girls - a toolkit for facilitators

Durden E.; M.Gumede, Eds.: John Hopkins Health and Eduaction, South Africa; USAID; et al., (2016)

This toolkit has been developed by the ZAZI campaign for use by peer educators, community outreach workers, faith-based organisations, and traditional health practitioners to help facilitate participatory discussions on sexual and reproductive health with women aged between 20 and 49 years of age. The toolkit is divided in 10 content sections

Obstructed labour: an introduction for midwives

Medical Aid Films, (2016)

This film explains what obstructed labour is, how it can be identified and managed. This film is for use in midwife training

I See That It Is Possible - Gender-based Violence Disability Toolkit


This toolkit is intended to support GBV staff to build disability inclusion into their work, and to strengthen the capacity of GBV practitioners to use a survivor-centered approach when providing services to survivors with disabilities. The tools are designed to complement existing guidelines, protocols and tools for GBV prevention and response, and should not be used in isolation from these. GBV practitioners are encouraged to adapt the tools to their individual programs and contexts, and to integrate pieces into standard GBV tools and resources. You can download from the Website different languages

Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing Manual for Training of Trainers - Part 1

Regional Office South-East Asia, World Health Organization, (2004)

Please download the other parts from the Webseite

Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health E-learning Course

Global Health elearning Center, (2014)

This course has two main goals. The first is to provide an introduction to key sexual and reproductive health issues of youth, including the relationship between gender norms and health. The second is to present an overview of the best programmatic approaches for improving young people’s sexual and reproductive health - See more at:

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