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Encopresis - spanish

A. von Gontard, Eds.: IACAPAP, (2017)

Transtornos del desarrollo Capítulo C.5 Edición en español Editor: Nieves Hermosín Carpio Traducción: María Carballo Novoa, María Esteban Arenós

Ilajnasy. Online Psychotherapy

Lange, A.; P. Emmelkamp, et al., (2019)

In den letzten Jahrzehnten hat es im westlichen Raum eine ganze Reihe web-basierter Therapieangebote gegeben. Die Entwicklung und Erforschung eines der ersten web-basierten Therapiemanuale (Interapy) wurde in den Niederlanden unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Alfred Lange und Prof. Dr. Paul Emmelkamp vorangetrieben. Für die Nutzung im arabischen Sprachraum wurden diese Therapiemanuale von Prof. Dr. Christine Knaevelsrud und Prof. Dr. Birgit Wagner übersetzt, kulturell angepasst und evaluiert. Web-basierte Depression; Web-basierte Therapie Trauma

Bridging the Mental Health Gap

WarTrauma Foundation, (2019)

War Trauma Foundation strengthens mental health care and psychosocial support through capacity building and development and dissemination of expertise through the implementation of programmes in (post) conflict areas. We develop and evaluate new methods in close cooperation with (local) partner organisations ensuring the inclusion of cultural and context aspects as well as long term sustainability. A couple of programmes will always be highlighted on our website.

Prise en charge de la violence basée sur le genre dans les situations d'urgence

United Nations Population Fund UNFPA, (2019)

Guide d'accompagnement de la formation en ligne. Accessed March 2019 Large File: 17 MB

Forcibly Displaced : Toward a Development Approach Supporting Refugees, the Internally Displaced, and Their Hosts

World Bank, (2017)

The report depicts the reality of forced displacement as a developing world crisis with implications for sustainable growth: 95 percent of the displaced live in developing countries and over half are in displacement for more than four years. To help the displaced, the report suggests ways to rebuild their lives with dignity through development support, focusing on their vulnerabilities such as loss of assets and lack of legal rights and opportunities. It also examines how to help host communities that need to manage the sudden arrival of large numbers of displaced people, under pressure to expand services, create jobs and address long-standing development issues.

Gestion clinique des Victimes de Viol

Organisation mondiale de la Santé/HautCommissariat aux Réfugiés des Nations Unies, (2005)

Développement de protocoles à adopter avec les réfugiés et les personnes déplacées dans leur propre pays. Edition révisée

Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers. Ukrainian Version

International Medical Corps, Eds.: World Health Organization WHO, War Trauma Foundation and World Vision International, (2017)

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