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Limited Access Humanitarian Programming

Sandisan, P., Eds.: Oxfam, (2017)

Operational guidance for managing programme quality. These guidelines are about implementing the programme-quality standards of the Core Humanitarian Standard in limited access humanitarian response. They have been developed using approaches and tools tested by Oxfam, other INGOs and the UN in Afghanistan, DRC, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. The guidelines are an operational resource to help programme designers and decision makers deliver ‘good enough’ programme quality in limited access humanitarian response.

Quality Improvement for Emergency Obstetric Care - Leadership Manual

EngenderHealth, (2003)

An Adaptation of COPE (Client-Oriented, Provider-Efficient Services) For the toolbox visit:

Clinical Facility and Services Assessment Field Guide

USAID; Family Health International FHI, (2007)

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI). The guide provides general information on how to organize, implement and follow up on quality assurance/quality improvement clinical facility and service assessments. At the website you will find checklists intended to be used with the clinical facility assessment guide

Amélioration de la qualité des soins obstétricaux d’urgence Guide destiné aux responsables de services d’urgences obstétricales

EngenderHealth, (2005)

Une adaptation de COPE® (Services efficaces axés sur le client) For the toolbox visit:

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