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Sierra Leone: Isolation Capacity

Government of Sierra Leone; World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

Building the legacy of Ebola: Survivors, health systems, and a blueprint for research and development

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

This report describes the work done by WHO from January 2015 up to the end of December 2016 to address the long-term issues of survivor care, health-systems strengthening and research.

WASH and Environmental Health Package in Health Facilities

Ministry of Health, Liberia, (2015)

Program for Early Recovery and Resilience Building from EVD Outbreak in Liberia

Infection Control Assessment Tool for Primary Health Care Facilities

SIAPS, Eds.: USAID, (2013)

Nosocomial or health-facility-acquired infections are a serious issue, representing one of the most significant causes of morbidity and mortality in healthcare systems and consuming many scarce resources, especially in developing countries. Although much has been done, particularly in the hospital setting, to reduce the risk of these infections, the problem persists and demands innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Although the care provided in most primary health care facilities is predominantly ambulatory with few or no inpatient beds, infection prevention is still important to minimize or eliminate the risks of facility-acquired infections and assure quality patient care. Health facilities and hospitals should have written infection control procedures and guidelines in place and should also be monitoring that these procedures are adhered to in both inpatient and ambulatory care settings.

Guide to community engagement in WASH

Niederberger, E.; S. Ferron and M. O'Reilly, Eds.: Oxfam, (2016)

A practioner's guide, based on lessons from Ebola. This guide is a compilation of best practices and key lessons learned through Oxfam’s experience of community engagement during the 2014–15 Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Liberia. It aims to inform public health practitioners and programme teams about the design and implementation of community-centred approaches

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